Date & Nut Cheesecake

This healthier alternative to rich and creamy cheesecake using our date syrup was made by the talented SK Foodie. She says that some benefits of using our date syrup are:

•Adds sweetness without refined sugar
•High fibre content
•Low-Glycemic index food
•No cholesterol
•Good source of natural antioxidants

Piece of Cake With Dry Fruit Toppings



Serves 12

1 pack of digestive biscuits (400g)
200g date syrup
215ml double cream
2 x 250g tubs vanilla quark
5g vanilla bean paste
100g dates chopped (I used medjool)
50g raw pistachios chopped
50g raw cashews chopped
Pistachio sauce optional


Blitz your biscuits into crumbs. Add the date syrup and combine.
Put the biscuit mix into a 9" springform tin and smooth over with the back of a spoon.
Using an electric whisk, whisk the double cream until it's thick.
Add the quark and vanilla and fold using a spatula until well combined.
Pour on top of the biscuit base and smooth over.
Arranged the chopped dates & nuts over the cheesecake.
If using pistachio sauce pour over the edges once you have opened the springform tin and put on a serving platter.
It's a lighter alternative to cheesecake making it perfect for #Ramadan too.


Nutritional information per slice:

Calories 424
Fat 21g
Carbs 49g
Protein 8g

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