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About Sunnah Wholefoods

Built on a strong vision to bring natural, healthy and good quality products, ethically and sustainably sourced to the doors of our customers. Sunnah Wholefoods is a family business that started out with a simple love for Dates over 10 years ago. We started thinking of ways in which we could share foods that have been mentioned in the Prophetic Tradition with people of all races, cultures and walks of life.

Mankind has been blessed with an amazing variety of foods, if we only looked at the Qur'an and the Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah) over the ages, we would find guidance of what foods are of great benefit to us. With so many unknown benefits, we have taken this task to share with the world the different variations and combinations of foods, yet to be unlocked. With great success in the early launch of our business, we have grown rapidly and continue to grow day by day..
What my clients have to say...
"I ordered my first product from Sunnah Foods, and I absolutely loved it. The date jam was so healthy and tasty, especially with your butter toast and even just to eat like that. Thank you Sunnah food for giving me this opportunity to taste your product, appreciate it. I am definitely going to order in the future and have recommended the product to many of my friends".
"Alhamdulillah they came without no damage. The date syrup was surprisingly sweet and my family also love it. So inshaa Allah I'm planning to try your recipes soon. The date jam was also nice, my family said it was just like mashed dates but very nice alhamdulillah. I honestly can't wait when i have time to make them some good snacks inshaa Allah."
"I came across Sunnah Wholefoods online and am very pleased that I stumbled upon their page. They offer a wide range of wholesome and nutrient dense products for a reasonable price. I have tried their date jam which is of high quality - and not to mention - very tasty! It also delivered fast so bonus points! My family and friends will be hearing about them in shā Allāh. Many thanks!"
I love Sunnah Wholefoods products. The taste and quality are amazing. The date jam tastes fantastic with a smooth consistency, its very versatile. I use it as a spread on toast, to sweeten my toddler’s porridge, in my overnight oats- anything. I also love the camel milk dates with my tea or coffee- tasty crumbly goodness! Will definitely be buying again
"I got a jar of date jam from the promotion and I was quite pleased with it. The jam had an amazing taste and I could tell they used good dates in the jam, just by the taste. The jam was also delivered quicker than expected, in safe packaging."
"I had two boxes of the camel milk date cookies. They were delicious, not too sweet, and soft. I really enjoyed them. Very fast delivery and great communication from abdur. Thanks"