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Super Health Bundle Selection Box

" Fantastic quality..very happy with the purchase and each item in the box!

Lisa Sultanti -- Health Bundle Customer

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A Super Health Bundle Box providing you with everything you need for a healthy life! It comes equipped with a Large Date Sugar. Organic Powders, Date Syrup, Date Jam, Organic Chocolate Dates, a Natural Toothbrush and some Chocolate Almond Dates to give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work! A Super Bundle absolutely not to be missed, sharing all the fantastic products Sunnah Wholefoods has to offer. All at a 15% discount price!

Health Bundle Includes:

1x Date Jam 400g
1x Large Date Sugar 750g
1x Organic Cocoa Dates 200g
1x Date Syrup 475g
1x 9 Chocolate Almond Dates
1x 1 Natural Miswak Toothbrush
1x Organic Beetroot Powder
1x Organic Barley Grass Powder
1x Organic Ginger Powder

Why buy our Super Health Bundle Selection Box and what are  the benefits?

Our Selection Box provides you with an endless list of superfoods that would be hard to find in one place. Not only are our products nutritionally satisfying to the body and mind but also very convenient at just the click of a button. For a time in which society is becoming more and more health conscious; there is no better healthy alternative!

Our Super Bundle products are a super-easy way to incorporate high-nutrient foods into your diet as they can simply be added to your smoothies, added to bread, blended with juices and eaten with a light salad.

 Some of our products can even be added to hot water and drunk first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, for that healthy and nutritional boost we all need to get us through the day!

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Lisa Sultanti
Super Health bundle box

Fantastic quality..very happy with the purchase and each item in the box!