"Return and Repent to Allah. O Muslim!"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmutallahi Wa Baraakaatahu,

No doubt, brothers and sisters. In this time of great trial and difficulty, pertaining to diseases and widespread infection. We are in need of Allah's mercy and forgiveness.

In this short blog we will look closer at the true meaning of seeking forgiveness and repenting for ones sins and what causes our repentance to be accepted. The meaning of the term repentance is what we refer to as Taubah, Allah Ta'ala says in the glorious Quran, 

"ان الله يحب التوابين ويحب المتطهرين "

"Verily Allah loves those who seek repentance and those who purify themselves"


In Ibn Hajar Al Asqaalani book, Bulugh Al Maraam, Kitaab At Tahaarah, under the chapter of Al Wudhoo. It is mentioned that there are 6 conditions for a persons repentance to be accepted. 

1) Regret from what a person commits by way of sin

2) Exiting oneself from what they have been surrounded by relating to that sin.

3) That a person has the sincere intention not to return to that sin they committed.

4) Sincerity in ones repentance.

5) That a person repents before death reaches him or her.

6) If a person has taken a possession or right of somebody, it is upon them to return it to that person.

(P.255, Explanantion of Shaykh 'Abd Allah al-Bassam, Tawdeeh Al Ahkaam Sharh Buloogh Al Maraam, Kitaab At Tahaarah)

Let us strive to seek the good pleasure of our Lord, and be from among those whom he is pleased with. May Allah make us from those who return to him in this time of trial and tribulation.


Abu Ibraheem Abdur Raheem McQueen

04:50 am / 26 Rajab 1441 / 21/03/2020


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