Date Syrup Carrot Cake

Welcome to the bright world of Carrot Cake with that Caramel Date Syrup TASTE! You can make this quickly and easily without lots of fancy ingredients and it will taste wonderful. Not only is this the best tasting carrot cake around, its very easy to make!

Made by our close and long time food specialist Salwa Smaily



For the cake
🥕 2 eggs
🥕 100 ml  date syrup
🥕 130 ml olive oil
🥕 100 g apple puree (i used store bought one but it is so easy to make your own)
🥕 170 g whole grain flour or all purpose flour
🥕 50 g almonds
🥕 2 tsp baking powder
🥕 1/2 tsp vanilla
🥕pinch of salt
🥕 1 tsp cinnamon
🥕 150 ml milk
🥕 150 g shredded carrots (around 2)
🥕 1/2 cup raisins mixed with 1 tbs flour
For the glaze
🥕 30 g cashew
🥕 35 ml coconut milk from carton (or water or almondmilk)
🥕 5 ml date syrup
🥕 1 tsp vanilla extract or 1 pod vanilla


  • Hand mixer
  • Baking tray
  • Spatula
  • Brush
  • Small, medium, and large bowls

Here's How to Make a Date Syrup Carrot Cake

Step 1: Preheat the Oven

First, to start your recipe (Date Syrup Carrot Cake), your oven needs to be set to 350oF (180oC) to preheat. When you’ve got the right temperature, then you can start your work. This helps you to do fast, easy, and timing-saving work.

Step 2: Mixing eggs and date syrup with cinnamon vanilla

Take the medium mixing ceramic bowl. Break and add egg to the bowl, then add the date syrup. Mix well until combined. Now place oil, apple puree, cinnamon, and vanilla. Mix them with a spatula to get the smooth form

Step 3: Mixing of wet and dry ingredients to form batter

Take the large mixing ceramic bowl; add and mix all dry ingredients with wet ingredients; add milk and mix them well; fold in carrots and raisins.

Step 4: Greasing the baking pan

Use the greasing brush and grease the baking pan well with the oil. Grease the internal walls and bottom of the pan.

Step 5: Pour the batter

Now pour the batter into greased baking pan and give it some light jerks until the batter is evenly spread into the pan.

Step 6: Baking in the oven

It’s time to place the baking pan in the preheating oven and bake the batter for 35-40 minutes. This time will depend on your oven preheating timing

Step 7: Prepare the glaze

While baking, take a small ceramic bowl and add cashew, coconut/almond or date syrup, vanilla extract, or pod vanilla and mix them well, and prepare the glaze.

Step 8: Drop the glaze

After the baking of the cake, remove the cake and set it aside to let cool. Add walnuts, raisins and then pour the already prepared glaze over the cake. Slice the cake and serve!


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