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Organic Ginger Powder 200g

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Organic Ginger Powder not genetically modified and not irradiated. It comes straight from the Ginger plant. This powerful powder is full of powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and nutrients that can help keep you feeling your best.

This powder can be used for almost anything including Ginger Tea, Ginger Soup, Ginger Oil, Ginger Foot Baths, Ginger Capsules, Ginger Syrup, Ginger Honey and much more..

Ginger (zanjabil) is described by the great scholar Ibn al-Qayyim in his book "The Prophetic Medicine" as a mild cleanser with some of the following benefits on the body:

  • Warming and aids digestion;
  • Beneficial for obstructions of the liver;
  • Beneficial for blurred eyesight, such as that caused by glaucoma, when eaten or used as kohl;
  • Drinking a warm solution of ginger mixed with sugar and water could reduce blood clots from forming;
  • Can be used to treat nausea;
  • Freshens the breath;
  • increases the power of memory

Ginger is mentioned in the Qur'an as one of the delights for its inhabitants: "And they will be given to drink there a cup (of wine) mixed with ginger." [76:17]


Scientific Research of the benefits of Ginger

 Altman RD and Marcussen KC. Effects of Ginger extract on knee pain in patients with ostecarthritis. Arthritis Rheum. 2001;44(11) :2461-2462.

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 1395 kJ/330 kcal
Moisture 8.6
Protien 8.2
Fat(g) 1.8
of which saturates 0.9
Mono-unsaturates 0.3
Poly-unsaturates 0.5
Carbohydrates 64
of which sugars 5.6
Dietary Fibre 14
Salt 0.06

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